Thank you to our amazing team members who are helping create, manage, and promote the Challenge!

Joan Gregerson,Challenge Coordinator

Joan is the founder of Green Team Academy. Joan is the author of Climate Action Challenge: A Proven Plan for Launching Your Eco-Initiative in 90 Days. Read more about Joan in the Media Kit.



Coralie Dorville lives in Colorado with her husband. As a volunteer, Coralie builds the website, sets up the webinars and develops graphics. Coralie also assists with testing and quality assurance. 


LinkedIn: Coralie Dorville  

Facebook: Coralie Dor

Instagram: Coralie Dor       




Owner of The Wright Architect, Susan Wright, AIA, contributes to our team as a strategist and financial supporter of the Climate Action Challenge, and the development of Joan's book. 

Sofie Rossman

Sofie Rossman is a high school senior from Colorado. As a Communication Intern, Sofie is monitoring challenger progress, writing profiles, and assisting with social media.

Instagram: @sofrossman



Smruthi Balasubramanian is a Student at New York Tech majoring in Design Management. Majoring in Interior Design, she has a passion for Sustainable Design and materials. She is a person who really is into reusable personal products and is working towards it in her personal life as well. As a Volunteer she has been working on the side with Joan, helping with social media and outreach.



Roseline Nwogu

Roseline Nwogu is a graduate student in Germany. As a Project management Intern, Roseline is reaching out to challengers and mentors to encourage them and keep them on track, as well as working with circular economy challengers. She also serves as admin for the Climate Action Portal and LinkedIn Group.

Brooke Jepkinson

Brooke Jenkinson is a public school art teacher with a passion for conservation and sustainability, living in Denver, Colorado. Brooke serves as a volunteer with the challenge, providing outreach and media support.

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