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Why Become a Sponsor?

  • Reach over 25,000 people in our network through promotional materials, social media, and emails.

  • Make a positive difference by supporting the environment, sustainability, and civic/interfaith engagement!

  • Access to a large audience – more than 1,000 people attended the Earth Week Summit in 2020, we expect many more for this event.

  • Audience is diverse in age, gender, race/ethnicity, language, culture, and interests. (Meet our Mentors and Challengers)

  • Attendees are well connected in their communities and highly motivated to make a positive impact.

  • Audience includes environmentalists, families, students, community leaders, faith leaders, and citizen activists.

  • Opportunity to educate the public about your products and services on the challenge website.

  • Long-term exposure during the entire challenge period extending from August through December 2020.

  • Join our other sponsors. Meet the sponsors.

Your Support Helps Us Make a Bigger Impact

Help the 2020 International Climate Action Challenge grow and thrive by spreading the word and providing a valuable resource just-in-time for your network!

It's always a great time to show your support for events that bring together grassroots climate action leaders. But, this year, it's especially important. 


We're providing a space where people can get together and work in harmony. Even during a pandemic, we are offering people from around the world a way to collaborate. 


Sponsorships are accepted from individuals and eco-friendly companies and nonprofit organizations that fit with our mission of empowerment, fun, and transformation! 


Your support makes it possible for us to reach more people than every before, in this important time in history. 


We are also open to partnering to develop a custom climate action challenge for your community. 

Sponsorship Guidelines


No: major polluters, fossil fuel, automotive, airlines, mass consumerism, big box retailers


Yes: educators, nonprofits, governments, and others working to tackle environmental, social, and justice challenges


Special Opportunity for Climate Reality Chapters and Citizens Climate Lobby Chapters: please apply to request complementary sponsorship

Sponsorship Levels

Level 1:



  • Small logo displayed in sponsor list on website (footer and "Meet Our Sponsors" page)


Level 2:



  • Small logo displayed in sponsor list on website
  • Name listed in Summit email reminders


Level 3:



  • Medium logo displayed in sponsor list on website
  • Name listed in Summit email reminders


Level 4:



  • Large logo displayed in sponsor list on website
  • Name listed in Summit email reminders


Start Here

1. Apply 

Ready to become a sponsor? 

Please apply and send your logo. We'd love to collaborate! We are accepting sponsorships from individuals and environmentally responsible organizations. 

2. Interview

After applying, please book a time for an interview with Joan to discuss potential partnership and sponsorship opportunities. 

3. Pay

Once accepted, pay securely online. We'll start featuring you to our audience of thousands of eco-minded individuals and organizations!

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