How to Register for the Challenge

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Find out about the 2020 International Climate Action Challenge and how to register! 


Our next live training with challengers starts on Thursday! 

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Step 1: Download the Quick Start Guide

We've designed the challenge to wrap you in all the snuggly support you need to launch your eco-initiative in 90 days!


Download the Challenge Quick Start Guide to discover:

  • Ideas for what you can do in 90 days
  • Challenge timeline
  • How you'll connect with mentors and fellow challengers in our portal
  • What the challenge includes and what it doesn't
  • And more!

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Step 2: Review the Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a book or workbook available? 

Yes! First, you will get a 2-page action plan for free.

Then, you can purchase the Climate Action Challenge book and workbook. The book and workbook are recommended but not required. 


Who should register from my team? 

Only one person per team is required to register. However, we recommend that anyone on your team that is interested register. That way, you'll all get access to the workbook, portal, and training. When you register, you can indicate if you are the team leader or a member, and who your teammates are. 


My friend already registered. How do I join her team?

Under the "YOUR TEAM" section:

  • TEAM NAME: Write your team's name
  • YOUR ROLE ON TEAM: Choose "Challenge Member"
  • DO YOU ALREADY HAVE A CHALLENGE NUMBER? Enter the number from this page.
  • FELLOW CHALLENGERS ON TEAM: Write your team leader's name


What if I have multiple initiatives?

Please register each one separately. For example, if you have a tree-planting project and a voter registration project, register twice. 


What if I'm not 100 percent sure what my initiative is now? 

First, start by reading the book and doing the activities. If you have a general idea, you can register now. For example: start an eco-club in my community. Later, you can add more details. 


Please review the Quick Start Guide for more details. 


Step 3: Register for the Challenge

Are you ready to convert your passion to action in 90 days? 

Let's do this! 


Step 4: After You Register

Congratulations and welcome await you!


You will be part of an international explosion of creativity, action and collaboration!


Here's what you can expect after you register:

  • Download the 2-page Action Plan
  • Get invites to our weekly trainings on Thursdays at 9 am & 7 pm MDT (and access to the recordings)
  • Begin meeting weekly with your team and inviting more people to join your team
  • Get access to the Challenge Portal
  • Begin converting your passion to action!

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