02: Eco365, Commonwealth of Dominica


Challenger Profile at a Glance

Meet Eco365, 2021 International Climate Action Challenge Eco-Champion award-winners!


  • #02 – Eco365

  • Registered Challengers: Shirley Mills, Eloise Thomas, Halima Abdullah

  • Location: Dominica

  • Mission: Eco365 that comes out of Echo78. It is a nationwide movement that focuses primarily on youth empowerment and development

  • 90-Day Challenge Period: September 1 – November 30, 2021

Video Script

Western District S.D.A Primary School is on the move to save the Earth. We are planting today to help fight climate change . Plant trees and secure your future on this planet.

Impact Highlights

As the first Eco365 project in Dominica, Western District SDA Primary School led the way. The school team:

  • Coordinated a tree-planting activity on November 4, 2021, Community Day of Service in Dominica.

  • Involved staff and students from the school, along with parents and community members.

  • Planted 50 trees alongside the road in the small community of Layou, including Herbst’s bloodleaf, Golden Dewdrop and Shrimp Plant.

  • Developed a partnership with the Forestry Division of Dominica that provided the trees.

  • Working closely with the local group of the National Employment Program who will assist in caring for the trees by watering and weeding.


Connect with the Eco365 Team:


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