We have a big idea. We know that the planet is in crisis on many levels and that humankind and all of life on earth are in a dangerous spot.


Why wait for others to take action on the climate and protect our planet? We can do it, together!


The Climate Action Challenge is a book launch and challenge to spur 1,000 new or expanded environmental initiatives to take off in 90 days!


That's an audacious goal and we need your help to make it happen! We're recruiting 100 volunteers to join our Challenge Support Team. Help us make a splash, encourage people to register for the challenge and jump-start a climate action movement!


Join our global crew!


  • Albania
  • Bangladesh
  • Canada
  • Columbia
  • India
  • Nigeria
  • Panama
  • Philippines
  • Uganda
  • USA
  • Zambia



Step 1: Apply Now
Click the button to get started. After applying, you'll get access to Joan's calendar and get an invite to our biweekly Info Meetings. 

Step 2: Book an Interview
Book a time to talk by phone with Joan. We'll discuss your interests and the launch details to make sure it's a good fit. 

Step 3: Register

If approved, the next step is to register. This is how you'll indicate which role(s) you will take on. And, provide the details for your Partner listing on the Challenge website.

Next meeting: July 9, 2020


  • Help launch or expand 1,000 environmental or community initiatives in 90 days, from September 1 to November 30. 
  • Demonstrate that meaningful climate action can happen quickly, when led by community members and supported with training, mentoring, coaching, fellow challengers, and fun!
  • Demonstrate the process described in Climate Action Challenge: A Proven Plan for Launching Your Eco-Initiative in 90 Days through a coordinated book launch and challenge.


Jun 1 - Jul 30

Goal: Recruit 100 Challenge Support Team members


Jul 31 - Aug 31

Goal: Recruit 1,000 Challenge Registrants

Goal: 100 Posts announcing the Challenge and Book Release on July 31


Sep 1 - Nov 30

Goal: Provide encouragement, mentorship and collaboration for Challengers


Dec 1 - Dec 14

Goal: Feature 100 Challengers in Dec 13-14  Climate Action Challenge Summit

Goal: 1,000 attendees for the Climate Action Challenge Summit



We have so many ways for you to be part of the Climate Action Challenge!



  • Be part of an enthusiastic collaboration that is facilitating urgent, meaningful climate action.
  • Get a free advance copy of the Climate Action Challenge digital book and workbook in July. 
  • Join as an individual or organization in one or more role.


  • Ambassador Give your network a way to take action by promoting the Challenge.
  • Mentor Assist challengers in launching initiatives in your focus area as a Challenge Mentor.
  • Proofreader Improve the book and workbook by proofreading the advance copy.
  • Sponsor Increase the reach and impact of the Challenge by providing funding. 
  • Volunteer Provide support to help increase the impact and help the Challenge run smoothly.

What is the experience like for CHALLENGERS?


Step 1

Submit a Pledge by August 31 to enter the Challenge

From the challenge website, each Challenger starts by submitting a pledge. The pledge form will include:

  • Name,
  • Email address, 
  • Name and description of the eco-initiative they want to start or expand,
  • A numeric goal they want to achieve within 90 days,
  • The name of the Challenge Ambassador or other person/organization who referred them.
  • Optional: Permission to list pledge on the challenge website.
  • Commit to launch their initiative in 90 days.
  • Commit to challenge a friend to do the same.

There is no registration fee and no purchase required to pledge. 


Step 2

Get Support

Challengers get free support throughout the Challenge through:

  • Green Team Cafe private Facebook group
  • Weekly emails with tips and strategies
  • Progress check-in requests

Challengers can get additional optional support: 

  • Purchase the book: Climate Action Challenge - A Proven Plan for Launching Your Eco-Initiative in 90 Days.
  • Register for TEAM Talks group coaching with Joan.
  • Connect Challenge Mentors for guidance and support.
  • Find other partners and mentors outside the Challenge.

Step 3

Apply to Be Featured in the December Climate Action Challenge Summit

Challengers may apply for their project to be featured in writing, by recorded video or during the live sessions. 


The Climate Action Challenge Summit will be held in December 2020. 

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