Registered Challengers

Eco-Initiatives: 86

Challengers: 132

Countries: 21 

Bangladesh, Burundi, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Cote d'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo,

Ecuador, France, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, South Africa, Switzerland,

Togo, USA, Uganda, United Kingdom, Zambia

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86 - Joan, CANADA

Starting 6 community climate teams.


85 - Samuel, UGANDA

Planting 200 trees, teaching youth about establishing nurseries, and raising climate change awareness through social media.


84 - Geoffrey, KENYA

Planting 1,000,000 trees.


83 - Alison, USA

Hosting an Ecofiction Challenge with 5 to 20 people writing short stories set in a sustainable future.




81 - Breeana, USA

Starting a water advocacy group for responsible swimming and recreating called Mountain Mermaids


80 - Ben, Anna, USA

Starting a climate and environmental justice action group at Louisiana State University 


79 - Melanie, CANADA

Create a website to connect those working on relevant drawdown solutions and identify existing gaps to inform municipal and provincial funding. 


78 - Wanda, USA

Train 10 people to each recruit 5 others to take the pollinator pledge and give them the organic land care skills needed to maintain safe zones for pollinators.


77 - Sumi, USA

Send 50 virtual clean-up kits to individuals in order to help them organize community trash clean-ups


76 - Susan, USA

Get 30 people to preform a day of service and give them a pre-service training


75 - Smruthi, USA

Work to reduce their Temple's organic waste by 50%


74 - Christopher, Brenda, UGANDA

Get 200 or more people involved in urban farming within the slum communities of Kamwokya


73 - Dorothy, Rianne, PHILIPPINES

Start a team with a vlog/blog to get 100 people to do urban gardening


72 - USA





Help train 100 people to grow food in their community




68 - Shiela, USA
Start a neighborhood sustainability eco-club


67 - Darrah, USA
Create a comprehensive plan for a regenerative eco-community in Colorado


66 - Belinda, SOUTH AFRICA

Ensure that waste is no longer dumped into one of the canals in Cape Town 

65 - Bill, USA

25 presentations by the Denver/Boulder Chapter of Climate Reality during the '24 Hours of Reality - Countdown to the Future' event


64 - Bill, USA

Expand the active members of the Sacred Earth Ministry to 50



Start an eco-club


62 - Victoria, FRANCE

To Bee or Not to Be


61 - Brianna, USA

Get 30 businesses involved with the Sustainable Broomfield Business Recognition Program


60 - The Global Ripple Effect Project Inc., USA

Start environmental chapters in 10 schools and connect with 300+ students, families, and communities globally.


59 - Tony, USA
Make 10 kilos of biochar while training others how to do it


58 - Kay, USA

Create a design for an app to track climate actions


57 - Umar Saleh, NIGERIA

Distribute 6,000 seedlings to secondary school students and plant them


56 - Heather, USA
Organize SF Bay Area youth to get out the vote, sending 2,000 letters, recruiting 2 people to do 16 hours of phoning, and 3 weekly youth classes


55 - Kirby, USA

Get five people to take on minimalist lifestyle challenge with plogging, clothing swap, and kitchen/bath product swaps


54 - Mayowa, NIGERIA    

Plant 1,000 trees


53 - Frederique, USA    

Start a Green Games team with each of 30 members taking 2-3 sustainable actions


52 - Didier, BURUNDI

Equip 5,000 children with skills and connections they need to grow stronger in climate justice advocacy


51 -  Logan, Kala, Melanie, Brad, Corina, USA

Educate between 500-1000 people a year in proper recycling at our conference/retreat center


Plant 3,000 Philippine native trees


49 - Franziska, SWITZERLAND 

Form an international team to record 10 podcast episodes about Sargassum algae


48 - Darwin, ZAMBIA

Planting 10,000 tress and 100 school/community gardens 


47 - May Kristine, Charlemayne, PHILIPPINES

Provide upcycled early childhood learning materials for 20 families


46 - May Kristine, Cris, PHILIPPINES

Set up backyard farms for 50 displaced families


45 - Chiwah, USA

Build a team of 500 families and adults (we'll be your family!) to work together for sustainability issues


44 - Zuza, USA

Work with a team to create a platform uniting 100 partners interested in growing the health/nature/conservation nexus


43 - Zuza, USA 

Build 50 new partnerships and certifying one trail for Nature and Forest Therapy


42 - Elite Miss Delaware Earth, USA

Work with a team to teach an eco-education program to 500 people


41 - Elite Miss Delaware Earth, USA

Organize a community cleanup with at least 100 other people

40 - Virginia, USA


39 - Sarah, USA

Organize a park clean-up with at least 10 people


38 - Coralie, USA

Create a group to work with 3 schools to help them reduce waste


37 - Colorado, USA


36 - William, UGANDA

Start a tree nursery with 5,000 seedlings


35 - Joan, USA

Start a team to do outreach to 10,000 eco-conscious voters


34 - Kampala, UGANDA 


33 - Gabriela, COLUMBIA; Yosue, ECUADOR; Gabriela, Gabriela, Emilia, Paulina MEXICO; Maria, BRAZIL

Start an international team to write a blog with 25 climate action stories 


32 - Molly, Lindsay, Dustin, USA

Sign up 50 businesses for SolutionTrees 


31 - Susan, Rita, USA

Reach out to encourage 10,000 eco-conscious voters in swing states to vote in November


30 - Monika, USA

Start a team to spend time every Friday working to complete 100 (small) acts 


29 - Cathleen, PHILIPPINES

Start a local climate warriors club


28 - Madison, USA

Get 30 homes to install solar in each location we bring our project to - currently Lexington, KY; Wellington, FL; Monroe, LA


27 - Rebecca, USA

Establish a school climate club with 20 climate events


26 - Ebele Sophia, NIGERIA

Coordinate Solar/Clean Cooking Tour to empower 200 market women in rural communities with solar lamps and clean cook stoves and fuels


Plant 10 trees


24 - Daniel, PHILIPPINES

Organize the 4th Annual EcoFestival with 300 youth attendees


23 - Daniel, PHILIPPINES

Conduct an International Clean-up Day for a coastal clean-up with 300 youth


22 - Gabriela, Laura, Alejandra, Francesca, Gabriela, María, COLUMBIA

Work with our school eco-club to tackle composting, plant 50 trees and get the school to go carbon neutral


21 - Jim, Citizens Climate Lobby, Lancaster PA, USA

Plant 1,000 trees

20 - Jim, Citizens Climate Lobby, Lancaster PA, USA

Complete 2,500 combined phones, letters and postcards urging people to vote in this year's election


19 - Elizabeth, USA

Advocate for Iowa State University to get registered as a Bee Campus USA and make our campus more pollinator-friendly


18 - Climate Reality Project: Newark Delaware, USA

Work with two businesses to switch to sustainable options


17 - Climate Reality Project: Newark Delaware, USA

Complete outreach to 1,000 people to get out the vote


16 - Climate Reality Project: Newark Delaware, USA

Global community cleanup initiatives with 100 people


15 - Georgia, USA


14 - Zine, COTE D'IVOIRE

Create green spaces to protect endangered wild animals


13 - Dosse, TOGO

Build a coalition and raise money to plant 15,000 trees for climate justice


12 - Federic, MEXICO

Start an NGO to promote urban reforestation and plant 50 trees


11 - Debsree, BANGLADESH/USA

Do Organic Community Farming from Kitchen Scraps

10 - Albert, Todd, USA

Coordinate Black + White Conversations from the Heart

9 - Ziko, ZAMBIA

Plant 100 trees and get 30 people to show up for a clean-up day.


8 - Cristina, USA

Decrease consumption and increase recycling in our hospital through education and ideas

7 - North Carolina, USA


6 - Iye, NIGERIA

High school student team planting 10 trees


5 - Becky, USA

Start a neighborhood community garden & composting program


4 - Irazu, USA

Start a business to help organizations design out waste and improve the way they create things and operate


3 - Claudia, Elia Elizabeth, COLUMBIA

Start a nonprofit to create awareness about solid waste separation at schools and communities


2 - Olamilekan, NIGERIA

Start a business to repair engines and help less privileged people


1 - Karen, Ari, Stephanie, Andrea, Andrik, Shahide, Erandi, Erick, Gladys, Noor, Ramiro, Uriel, Yedid, MEXICO

Climate leaders starting an eco-club in their community


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Twiggs & Co
Serendipity Catering
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