How does the Challenge work?

When you Register for the next Climate Action Challenge, we’ll review your application, match you with a coach, provide you with tools and resources to get started, and introduce you to other teams in our community portal.

The Challenge includes:

  • An 18-week facilitated challenge

  • Action Plan Checklist

  • Climate Action Challenge digital book & workbook

  • Video course in Members portal

  • Weekly assignments

  • Weekly check-ins with your coach by chat/email

  • Weekly live trainings

  • Access to the Challenge Portal

  • Apply to be featured in the Impact Summit

Why 90 days?

It's all about getting started. When you commit to spending about 2% of your time (3 hours/week) to an idea you're passionate about, and are given steps to achieve short-term goals, you can create change.


The Challenge is like a 'pilot' project, with the hope that the proper team and habits are in place to keep the team moving forward -- and ideally surpass the challenge period. 

The Challenge Timeline (needs update)

How do I get started?

Before you Register, you’ll want to think about "your Why”:

  • Why is protecting the planet or helping your community important to you?

  • What would you like to achieve in 90 days if you had support to help launch an idea?

You’ll be guided to delve more into “Your Why” and how to Envision a Change in the Onboarding guide and in the program materials, after you’ve been approved as a participant in the Challenge.