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Are you concerned about the state of the planet, but you aren't sure where to start? 


Do you want to 'Be the Change', but you just haven't been able to make as much of an impact as you'd hoped? 


Don't worry. It's not your fault! And, you're not alone. 


I struggled for decades. I realized that it wasn't enough to be passionate, determined and hardworking. I was doing the wrong stuff.


But, eventually, I figured out what works! 


I wrote this book to share the lessons I've learned the hard way. You can make a difference, quickly and easily, once you know how.


Get all the best practices distilled in one place!

The Climate Action Challenge ebook includes:

  • My story of how I struggled and then learned a powerful system by starting my own teams and through working with over 100 teams.
  • An introduction to key concepts that most teams overlook. You'll learn fresh perspectives to ensure that your initiative won't be bogged down by easily avoidable mistakes.
  • Stories of regular people like you who have started teams and are making a difference around the world.
  • A simple process for developing your personal vision and for figuring out your team's vision and mission.
  • An Action Plan for launching your eco-initiative and begin to making a difference within 90 days.
  • Writing Activities in each chapter to help you journal about your desires and plan a project that makes an impact. 


After your purchase, access the book in one or more formats that work for you on your ereader, phone, tablet, and computer.



Write your dream into reality with the editable and printable workbook!

Create your own custom 90-Day Action Plan! 


The Climate Action Challenge Workbook includes space to complete the over 50 writing activities from the book: 

  • Your Hero's Journey
  • Your Personal Vision Statement
  • Your Self-Care Plan
  • Your Team's Vision & Mission Statement
  • Your 100 Ideal Partners List

...and so many more!


Use the Climate Action Challenge Workbook to stay organized and motivated. Use the Checklist to track your progress. 



After your purchase, download the workbook to print or edit. The workbook is available as PDF, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs.


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