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Are you concerned about the state of the planet, but you aren't sure where to start? 


Do you want to 'Be the Change', but you just haven't been able to make as much of an impact as you'd hoped? 


Don't worry. It's not your fault! And, you're not alone. 


I struggled for decades. I realized that it wasn't enough to be passionate, determined and hardworking. I was doing the wrong stuff.


But, eventually, I figured out what works! 


I wrote this book to share the lessons I've learned the hard way. You can make a difference, quickly and easily, once you know how. 


The Climate Action Challenge ebook includes:

  • My story of how I struggled and then learned a powerful system by starting my own teams and through working with over 100 teams.
  • An introduction to key concepts that most teams overlook. You'll learn fresh perspectives to ensure that your initiative won't be bogged down by easily avoidable mistakes.
  • Stories of regular people like you who have started teams and are making a difference around the world.
  • A simple process for developing your personal vision and for figuring out your team's vision and mission.
  • An Action Plan for launching your eco-initiative and begin to making a difference within 90 days.
  • Writing Activities in each chapter to help you journal about your desires and plan a project that makes an impact. 

But, to make it even better, check out the extras in the special Pre-Order Bundle!

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The Special Pre-Order Bundle includes...

#1: Book

#1: Climate Action Challenge Book

Access to the eBook to have the book with active hyperlinks. Download in the format that you prefer: Kindle, Nook or PDF. 

(Delivered electronically on

July 31, 2020)

#2: Workbook

#2: Climate Action Challenge Workbook

Download the editable workbook so you can stay organized, do writing activities, and develop your Action Plan as you go through the book.  

(Delivered electronically on July 31, 2020)

#3: Contribution

#3: Tree-Planting Contribution

Your purchase will trigger a contribution of $10 to support a tree-planting initiative selected by Green Team Academy.

The first recipient of the tree-planting contribution is Darwin Mbionshi Malwele. Darwin is our May 2020 Action Plan Retreat Hero award-winner for his dedication and actions.


We're asking you to help us raise $1,000. Darwin will be using the money to register an NGO and jump-start his initiative to start 100 community gardens and plant 10,000 trees in the Copperbelt Province, in central Zambia.


His mission is first, to help families hit by the pandemic to be able to feed their children. His second goal is to help mitigate the impact of climate change, especially increasing temperatures. 

#4: Chat

#4: Coaching Chat

For the first 100 only 

Be one of the first 100 to pre-order and your purchase will include a 20-minute coaching call with author, Joan Gregerson. (Use within 30 days of pre-order purchase.)


Schedule a time to chat by phone or messenger to get expert insights on how you can make an impact fast!  

What's inside the book?

Here's a peek at the tentative contents of Climate Action Challenge: A Proven Plan for Launching Your Eco-Initiative in 90 Days. 


This is the book that I soooo wish someone had handed me decades ago!!! You're going to be getting a ton of goodies to help you avoid silly mistakes so you can get busy making a difference right away! 


Chapter 1: Once and For All. 13

Chapter 2: You’re in the Right Place. 14

Chapter 3: My Story & My Promise to You. 18

Chapter 4: Personal Vision & Self-Care Plan. 28

Chapter 5: Your Journey. 37

Chapter 6: The State of the World and How to Not Freak Out About It 41

Chapter 7: A New Lens. 50

Chapter 8: What Is a Green Team? What Does a Green Team Do?. 55

Chapter 9: Coaching for Transformative Change. 61

Chapter 10: Introducing the EMPOWER Green Team Success Blueprint 65

Chapter 11: E – Embrace, Examples, Engage. 67

Chapter 12: M – iMagine, Mission, Meetings Movement 77

Chapter 13: P – Planning, Partners & Pilot 88

Chapter 14: O – Community Organizing, Outreach, Ongoing, Organization. 96

Chapter 15: W – Connecting with Our Big Whys and the WOW Factor 108

Chapter 16: E – Earth Day Festival & Evaluate. 116

Chapter 17: R – Recruit, Reflect, Relax, Repeat, Ripple. 126

Chapter 18: Overcoming Obstacles. 131

Chapter 19: Plan & Commitment Review.. 136

Appendix 1: References. 137

Appendix 2: Interviews & Extras. 139

Appendix 3: Online Organizing. 140

Appendix 4: Recommended Reading. 141

Acknowledgments. 145

About the Author 146

Thank You. 147


p.s. What this condensed outline doesn't show is a list of all the team stories that you'll find. You're going to love those! 

p.p.s. Plus, you'll get the workbook so you can do the writing activities in an organized way, to help you build your momentum quickly. 

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