The Climate Action Challenge is an exciting opportunity to make real impact quickly...together! 

The main goal of the Challenge is to help launch or expand 1,000 environmental initiatives in 90 days.

To do that, we're recruiting partners for our launch team, now! 


Here's how you can participate in the 2020 International Climate Action Challenge...

Pre-Order the Book and Workbook

Pre-order the Climate Action Challenge book and workbook to get expert guidance for starting or expanding an environmental initiative in 90 days. The pre-order bundle includes additional bonuses!

July 31 - August 31:

Register for the Challenge

Do you want to start or expand an environmental project in your community? Or, how about starting a Green Team in your neighborhood, school, faith community or workplace?


The Climate Action Challenge is an exciting opportunity for regular people like you to take action on your passion project. Get your team together and get your initiative up and running in just 90 days! 


Register as a Challenger to be the change you wish to see! Registration is open from July 31 to August 31, 2020. 


Join the Challenge Support Team

We are recruiting 100 energetic, enthusiastic peeps to join our team! Would you like to partner with us to spread the word, assist Challengers and help make the Challenge a success? 


Find out more about the options and benefits, and upcoming info sessions.

Get started with coaching!

Are you ready to get your project going now? Register to become a Team Talks member and get access to weekly group coaching calls with Joan.  Get expert advice, along with support and encouragement from fellow eco-leaders. 


Start your 14-Day Trial today!

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